Poncho Surf – OnTheStorm™

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Poncho Surf – OnTheStorm™

Nu-June Beach Hooded Changing Robe Swimming Towels Quick Dry Sunscreen Outdoor Adult Bath Towel Poncho Microfiber Surf Swimsuit

Nu-June- is a Urban-Ocean life style brand that focus on bring consumer from city to enjoy water relative life experience.

Surf changing poncho towel|color: blue raccoon
Front neck botton design
Front belly pocket
Thick microfiber,made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon
Great obsorbent and quick dry
A mobile changing room
Good for surfing,swimming,diving,snorkeling
package including:a piece of changing poncho

Our changing poncho are freshly looking new type of cover-ups. Similar to ponchos but identified as a lifestyle wear. Use it to change in and out of your wetsuit, beach or outdoor wear. It’s also a towel and beach blanket, or throw it on as a breezy kaftan. For the shore and more, we’ve got you covered!



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